Children and Youth

The purpose of  New Life Children and Youth Ministry is to guide our new generation towards developing a strong and sound Christian identity. We seek to empower them for discipleship, leadership, and service in the church and community.

Our Children and Youth Ministry is empowering this new generation to be the church of today and tomorrow. We are a church tyhat believes that we are a family, therefore we worship together with our children and youth. They participate in different roles in the worship service, and, on every third Sunday they lead the whole service with the pastor preaching.

We meet every Wednesday 5:00 - 7:00 pm. We provide transportation, help with homework, teach life skills, do debates, practice liturgical dancing, as well as music. We also do local and long distance trips. Our young people are encouraged to excell in school by giving them incentives when they bring their report cards to the church. We celebrate their accademic achievements once every year, and we try to make sure we help them with school supplies.